Our Story

ERATOS ADVERTISING INCORPORATED was established in 2016 in Taguig City, Philippines with the primary business of online advertising agency. Today, we have grown into an advertising provider that targets not only the Philippines but also the entire Asian region. We never stop growing our services to increase customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

We are taking various measures to meet our clients' demands with maximum results. Listing, affiliate, display, ad network, DSP, retargeting, tie-up, reward, email, we choose from various methods to reach the client's goal in the shortest distance, and it makes everyone happy.

We are also working on the logistics of the online commerce market and bridging the digital and analog worlds. We coordinate and back up innovative total logistics solutions that meet the needs of the coming era of globalization.

Our Services

Advertising Management - We develop and operate online commerce sites and portal sites, and provide ongoing advertising development using these sites, as well as marketing management services using social networking media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Advertising Consulting - For companies that are not satisfied with their advertising operations, or are not operating effectively due to a lack of know-how, we provide consulting services related to strategic and practical advertising operations, based on human resource development from a long-term perspective.

Market Research - Experienced researchers are available to provide full support. Our experienced staff with accumulated know-how and experience will propose the most suitable research method for you and speedily respond to your needs until the results are reported. From market research to brand research, we respond to our clients' needs to the maximum extent possible.